The Bells

The Bells are housed in the Tower, which is of perpendicular style and was added to the church in the 15th Century.

There are six bells:

F – 1924 – Peace on earth. George Green Bullmore. Born at Tregair 8 September 1857
D# – 1766 – God preserve the Church
C# – 1766 – God save the King
C – 1766 – Peace and Good Neighbourhood
A# – 1766 – Prosperity of the Parish
G# – 1766 – Richard Gully Esq. Mr William Paynter

The bells were dismantled and sent to Loughborough for restoration in 1924 where they were fitted with entirely new swinging mechanisms including metal headstocks, patent self-aligning ball bearings etc and were re-erected in the tower in a new strong and massive iron framework supported by steel girders. The sixth treble bell was added at the same time.
The bells are rung before most Sunday services, at weddings and special occasion by the team of bell ringers from the parish.